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In this course, you will be learning from basics of Python, how to write programs in both Windows and Linux OS.

Q. How is this course different from other python course?

    A. This course  teaches python programming from the basics. The student with least or no Programming language knowledge can also take this course.

Q. What concepts are taught as part of Python Programming?

    A.  Overview of building program in Python environment.

          Python Variables, Expressions, statements.

          Condition Execution.


          Arrays in Python

          Iterations – While loop, For loop

          Python Operators,

          Data Types –






           Overview of Object oriented concepts in Python.

                   Classes and Objects,

                   Class variables,

                   Instance variables.

Q.  What method is used to teach programming?

A. Most of the concepts are taught using practical  programs.

Q. What is the outcome of this course?

    A. After finishing this course you will be able to write programs in python, build small projects using Windows/Linux. After understanding the basics of python, you can choose any technology that you wish to expertise that is built using Python.

Python programming can be used in different technologies like Machine Learning, Web Development, Cloud Computing, scripting, Embedded systems development and many others.

Q. Will New contents be uploaded eventually?

A. Yes, we  constantly add new topics that are very helpful for students to learn.

Q. Will this be helpful for Advanced Level Python Programming?

A. This course teaches only from basics to intermediate programming on Python. This will be helpful for students to self-learn the advanced topics once the basics are clear.

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