How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

The majority of the courses offered on the platform are free, so there won’t be any fees if you enrol in a course only for the purpose of studying and accessing the course materials. However, you must pay the course costs if you also require a certificate of completion for the course from Coursera and the university/institution that is offering it.

How to Apply for Financial Aid?

Most of the learners might be looking for a frequently asked question like “How can I get Coursera for free?” The procedure for applying for financial aid is quite simple. Let’s go through the process step-by-step:

1/ Select the Course of your choice and navigate to the homepage of the course.

How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

2/ Below the course instructor name, there will be a hyperlink that goes by the name Financial Aid available. Click on the hyperlink and a small dialog box will open up.

How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

3/ Further, click on the continue to an application will navigate you to the page below.

How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

On this page, check the two square boxes and copy-paste the text “I agree to terms above” in the box provided and click on Continue. This will bring you to the page below.

How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

Fill in all the information about your educational background, employment status, and your annual earnings (if applicable). Further, you will need to answer a few questions, that will help them understand your goals, how this course will help you in achieving them and why exactly are you applying for financial aid.

How and what to write a Coursera financial aid application answers?

Most of the learners who apply for financial aid for the first time might have questions like “How can I answer questions of financial aid?” as they might be nervous and unclear about the same. We have shared a few useful pointers and answers written by the blog author while he applied for financial aid.

Why are you applying for Financial Aid?

  • You need to tell them about your financial background and current financial condition.
  • Tell them you are a student and don’t make any/ enough money to pay for the course.
  • Your current education status and the degree you are pursuing/ completed.
  • Your career goals.
  • Tell them the course fees are too high for your parents to afford it for you.

Additionally, you may be advised to think about taking out a low-interest loan to pay for the course.

If you respond negatively, you must explain why.
Why not choose this choice when you may again discuss the financial situation of your family, yourself, and any liabilities that your family may have?

Questions and Answers

How long does Coursera financial assistance take to process?

Please be advised that starting the course after applying for financial aid may cause your application to be denied. I humbly ask that you give it 15 days to be authorised. Coursera will email your registered email address to let you know.

Does using the identical responses in two different Coursera financial aid applications influence their acceptance?

No, I don’t think so. All of my applications that were accepted had similar responses. Since the justifications for requesting financial aid won’t alter, this makes sense.

Why does Coursera require 15 days to grant financial aid?

Coursera hasn’t been very clear about this. However, I believe that they are attempting to convince those who can pay the course fees and are anxious to enrol in it. Their earnings may benefit from this. I think there isn’t much here. (Note: None of my applications were accepted in 15 days.)

Will receiving financial aid for one course that I don’t finish having an impact on my subsequent requests for financial aid?

No, it won’t have an impact on your upcoming applications. Once the financial aid for one course has been accepted, you can also apply for aid for another.

How many times can I receive Coursera financial aid?

You can receive financial aid from Coursera as many times as you like, in particular. However, you can only have 11 pending financial assistance applications open at once, according to the Coursera support forum. When they are accepted, you ought to be able to reapply.

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