The Sun Salutations of Yoga – 7 Traditional Variations

The surya-namaskar (sun salutation) is probably the oldest exercise sequence in the world and an integral part of the physical practice of Yoga. It can be used as a warm-up , a full workout or even a moving meditation depending upon pace and ability. This course contains seven of the many variations that are practiced the world over. The demonstration of the variations, are then followed by a manual explaining each asana (posture), and the transitions.

All forms of the Surya-namaskar focus on –

  • Specific movement with a specific breath,
  • Maintaining health and mobility by alternatively flexing, extending and relaxing different sections of the spine.

While the basic underlying principles of all the variations are the same, each of them has a slightly different emphasis. Knowing and practicing varied forms keeps it interesting and works the body in subtly different ways.


Depending upon the personal inclination of the practitioner, mantra and chakra awareness can also be included in the surya-namaskar, turning the exercise into a deeply spiritual practice.  However , since the aim of this course is to provide an insight into different methods of the physical practice, there is no information contained in this course about spiritual aspects.

This  course is the result of experiences and teachings received from Yoga teachers and schools in different parts of India in the year 2006. While most yoga schools/teachers prefer just one or two of the many variations, I personally teach and practice all seven regularly.


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