MS-DOS Complete Course: from Zero to Professional!

Welcome to MS-DOS Complete Course: From Zero to Professional!


Let’s Start the Journey of Learning MS-DOS Operating System Tricks and Hacks with an IT-Expert that has more than 10+  years’ Experience in Information Technology.




In this course we will start from the

beginning, step by step guide, everything explained practically, easy to understand,

high quality lessons.


Anyone who wants to Develop his IT skills to the next level , and wants to Administrate windows operating system professionally , and wants to do Ethical Hacking, this is the BEST Course to start!

“Yeah! it’s a well and knowledgeable course for those guys who kept interest for being curious and wants to keep updated with a strong basic all through the Windows. thank you sir for being my mentor all through the MS-DOS  course. with love- TANUJIT”

Tanujit Sarma

“The instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject, the presentations are clear and are easy to digest. i will give his lectures a six star rating.. thanks”

Danutaish leash



In this course we will start from the beginning e.g. : Introduction to MS-DOS, Executing easy commands in DOS, Dealing with Commands related to files and folders through the command prompt, changing the color of the command prompt to amaze your friends and family, changing date and time , starting and terminating programs, Dealing with commands related to networks and troubleshooting networks through the command prompt, Using the command prompt professionally, creating programs through dos, ….. and at the end we will show you how to protect your privacy and do ethical hacking through the command prompt and there are lots of other useful information inside the course.




So, What are You Waiting for? Let’s Start the Journey of Learning MS-DOS.

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