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Microsoft Power Automate Flow Desktop Course

RPA skills are in great demand with very few skilled resources available in the marketplace.

Robotic process automation has gained a lot of attention and it’s being adopted and implemented in possibly every industry.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) can be defined as Software that mimics the user’s actions and executes the process to save time and increase efficiency.

Course Covers:

This is a complete practice-based course, where you will learn the concepts by actually implementing the concepts

Introduction of RPA, followed by Microsoft Power Automate Overview and Installation


Following are the different Projects that we will implement:


Project 1 – Book Data Scraping Process (Beginner level)

The bot should scrape the books data from a portal and write the data back to an Excel sheet


Project 2 – Generate Employee ID and Email ID Process (Beginner level)

The user will be asked to provide the employee details like name, gender, personal email id, phone number e.t.c, and then the robot will enter that data into a website and upon the submission of the data, the robot will be responsible for fetching the website generated “Employee ID” and “Employee Official Mail Id”

The result will be displayed on the screen.


Project 3- RPA Challenge (Beginner level)

RPA Challenge will include an input file which is an Excel, from where the robot has to take the values and then enter those into the RPA Challenge website’s fields.

It resembles a data entry job.

The field alignment in this website is dynamic and they change for every refresh, our robot should be capable of handling this scenario.


Project 4- Sales Report Generation Process(Intermediate level)

The robot will be provided with a .csv input, which will contain the sales details for the employee belonging to different divisions, our robot is responsible for creating individual sales reports using a master template which is in .doc format, and then using a desktop application, it should convert them from .doc format to .pdf and it should be done for every employee.


Project 5- Invoice Data Extraction(Intermediate level)

The robot will receive emails along with attachments, and once the robot downloads the invoices it will read them and then extract data out of it.

Based on the extracted emails and names, it will try to trigger the emails to the respective person.


Project 6- Update Currency Exchange Rates  Process(Advanced level)

The robot will retrieve the data from the database and based on the currency it will try to hit the provided API and fetch the corresponding currency’s exchange rate.

It will then update the database with the extracted information.



  • Note: Please reach out to us if you feel we are missing out on any concept. Thanks in advance.
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