Mastering Go: From Beginner to Expert

“Mastering Go: From Beginner to Advanced” is a comprehensive course designed to take you on a journey from a beginner to an advanced Go developer. Whether you are new to programming or have experience in other languages, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become proficient in Go and build robust applications.


Introduction to Go and Basic Syntax

Introduction to Go and its benefits

  • Basic syntax and data types
  • Variables and constants
  • Control flow: if/else, for, and switch statements
  • Functions and function signatures

Arrays, Slices, and Maps

  • Arrays and slices
  • Maps and their uses
  • Using arrays, slices, and maps in real-world examples

Pointers and Structs

  • Pointers and memory management
  • Structs and their uses

Concurrency and Go Routines

  • Introduction to concurrency in Go
  • Go routines and channels
  • Using Go routines and channels to create concurrent applications

Web Development with Go

  • Introduction to web development with Go
  • Building web servers and handling HTTP requests
  • Creating RESTful web services

Testing in Go

Overview of testing in Go

  • Writing unit tests
  • Using the testing package
  • Best practices for testing Go code

Advanced Go Features

  • Interfaces and their uses
  • Embedding types
  • Advanced concurrency patterns
  • Error handling in Go

Project work

  • Final project or capstone that allows learners to apply their newfound knowledge to build a complete application.
  • Implementing the tests for the final project

Review and wrap up

  • Review of material covered
  • Next steps for continuing to learn and improve their Go skills

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