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Learn modern and most up to date development tools in your web developer toolchain.

I’ll let you see how modern PHP is these days. First off, the power of the Laravel framework takes PHP to a whole new level. You don’t need to use Node.js to be a modern developer. Laravel will make you super productive.

Next, Laravel has a history of preferring Vue.js for frontend development and building SPA apps (Single Page Applications). It’s a framework of choice for many Laravel developers. That’s why I have a Vue crash course for you included. Yes, you will learn Vue in this course.

When building a SPA, you have 2 main components – the API (Application Programming Interface) server and the API consumer. The API itself needs to follow some rules and guidelines. This is where GraphQL steps in. It’s a spec on how to build robust APIs, made by Facebook and used by them widely.

The course will focus on how to build a GraphQL API server using Laravel PHP Framework, aided by the Lighthouse library. I think you will be surprised how easy it is to build a fully-fledged, robust API in hours.

The API consumer would be a Vue.js SPA application and we will cover everything – including Vue basics, Vue Components, Vue Router, VueX (global state management). Everything a seasoned Vue developer should know.

On top of that, you will learn how to use Apollo – an industry-standard library to consume GraphQL APIs on the web. The knowledge you’ll gain will stay with you whatever you use, as Apollo works with both React, Vue, and any other frontend framework out there!

Finally, we will deep dive into Tailwind CSS – the modern CSS framework that lets you build beautiful and complicated UIs by relaying on utility classes.

If you’re looking to learn how to build SPA with PHP, Laravel, Lighthouse, Vue.js, Apollo Client, Tailwind CSS and GraphQL you found the best place.

In this course you will build a Trello clone (Laravello Project) and a Netlify inspired blog application (BlogQL Project).

Along the way you will learn:

  • Creating a GraphQL API with Laravel and Lighthouse
  • Creating a SPA application in Vue.js
  • Styling your page with utility based CSS framework Tailwind CSS (new hot kid on the block!)

This course is like nothing else you can find. We have all these topics covered in depth and the interesting projects you’ll build will keep you entertained for weeks.

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