Harvard University is offering FREE computer science course that any person can enroll and learn without any prior knowledge on this topic

Short Description

Introduction to computer science and the art of programming by Harvard University for majors and non-majors alike, with or without previous programming expertise.


This course has the very fundamentals to start your computer science journey and needs no prerequisites at all. It is designed in a way such that you can test yourself whether the IT or computer science related career is suited for you or not. This course has all the secrets of the biggest technological revolution of our time – Computing and Information technology. This course explains how computing works at the lowest possible level and equips you with the knowledge, by which you can go anywhere from here like computer programming, Cloud computing, security, Devops, IOT, AI, quantum computing, – almost anything.

This course has been divided into 3 chapters. In chapter 1 we will see the components of a modern computer and build a computer from ground up. I cannot overemphasize the confidence I got when I built my own computer for the first time. Understanding the roles of each part and how they interact with each other is the prime focus of this chapter. We will assemble a PC, configure the bios of that PC, then we will install linux as well as windows operating systems in that hardware we have created in this chapter.

In chapter 2 we will see how a computer really works or how it does the computing we see in our daily life. For example, suppose, if the computer is a car this chapter discusses Newton’s laws of motion if you know what I mean. Will discuss the very basic principle of computing and how it is implemented. In this chapter we will see different components of an electronic circuit which can add 2 numbers and ultimately we will build a circuit which adds 2 numbers taken from a keyboard and display the result in a seven segment display.

In chapter 3 we will learn how to talk to a computer in the language it understands – the assembly programming language and will have a very realistic understanding of a modern computer at the lowest possible level. This final chapter connects the first 2 chapters. We will understand the real architecture of a modern CPU and write computer programs and have a complete view of how the software and hardware work together to achieve everything we see today in the digital world.

This course is packed with whiteboards, demos, practicals, calculations, simulations, computer programs and other easy to understand visual tools. Also this highly interactive course is being taught to a real student who is a beginner and will be asking me questions throughout the course. While, course is not a full fledged programming course, it is definitely a great start if you are planning to learn programming or anything related like i mentioned before. And last and no least this course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee without any question asked.

This compact course will take you from zero knowledge to having a solid understanding of the basic concepts of computer science and programming languages.
To keep the course interesting and entertaining, we use a lot of examples to explain the individual topics. Amongst many other things we will learn about the importance of algorithms and how we can create one and why they are incredibly important. We will also learn about different approaches to programming such as imperative, declarative and object oriented programming. We’re going to give you real world examples outside of code and computer programs to make sure everybody is able to understand what we are talking about.

At the end of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the most important concepts of computer science and programming and can try your luck on an easy test exercise. The course also contains a kind of glossary where we’ve listed definitions and explanations for the most important terms so you always have them at your fingertips.

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