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Welcome to Graph Algorithms for Competitive Coding – the most detailed Specialisation in Graph Theory for Competitive Programmers, Software Engineers & Computer Science students!

Graphs is quite an important topic for software engineers, both for academics & online competitions and for solving real life challenges. Graph algorithms form the very fundamentals of many popular applications like – Google Maps, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Computer Vision applications such as image segmentation, resolving dependencies while compile time, vehicle routing problems in supply chain and many more. This course provides a detailed overview of Graph Theory algorithms in computer science, along with hands on implementation of all the algorithms in C++. Not just that you will get 80+ competitive coding questions, to practice & test your skills! 

This comprehensive course is taught by Prateek Narang & Apaar Kamal, who are Software Engineers at Google and have taught over thousands of students in competitive programming over last 5+ years. This course is worth thousands of dollars, but Coding Minutes is providing you this course to you at a fraction of its original cost! This is action oriented course, we not just delve into theory but focus on the practical aspects by building implementing algorithms & solving problems. With over 95+ high quality video lectures, easy to understand explanations this is one of the most detailed and robust course for Graph Algorithms ever created.

Course starts very basics with how to store and represent graphs on a computer, and then dives into popular algorithms & techniques for problem solving. The course is divided into two parts.

Part-I Graph Theory Essentials

  • Graph Representations
  • Popular Traversals – BFS & DFS
  • Cycle Detection – Weighted & Unweighted Graphs
  • Topological Ordering & Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • Disjoint Set Union, Path Compression & Union by Rank
  • Minimum Spanning Trees – Prim’s & Kruskal’s
  • Shortest Paths – BFS, Dijkstra’s, Bellman Ford, Floyd Warshall
  • Travelling Salesman Problem, Min Cost Hamiltonian Cycle

Part-II Graph Theory Advanced

  • Flood Fill
  • Multisource BFS
  • DFS & Backedges
  • SCC’s & Kosaraju’s Algorithm
  • Euler Tour
  • LCA
  • Trees
  • Articulation Points & Bridges
  • Network Flow

The part-II is recommended for programmers who want to deep dive into Competitive Programming & take part in contests. For most students part-I is good enough to understand the most fundamental concepts and techniques in graphs!

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