Building Blockchain Apps using Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric

Short Description

Building Blockchain applications using Ethereum & IBM Hyperledger Fabric


In this video series, you will learn how to build blockchain applications using two widely used blockchain platforms – Ethereum and IBM Hyperledger Fabric. You will understand blockchain concepts and architecture in detail, along with how to build public and private blockchain applications. As part of the video series, we would cover 2 use cases – “How to build a crowdfunding application on Ethereum”  and  “How to build a Trade Finance application of IBM Hyperledger Fabric”. The concepts listed in the video are generic enough, to help users build any blockchain applications for public and enterprise domain,The source code for the video series is also made available on GitHub.

This course is a video representation, modelled after of our book titled ‘Enterprise Blockchain – A Definitive Handbook’ which was released in Nov 2017. It is the first book to describe how to build Enterprise Blockchain applications for any Industry. 

If the book already exists the why the video course?

The book is always a reader’s favorite and primary instrument. But we do believe that a video course can create a lasting impact on the student by teaching them through visuals and audio presentations. The learning can be more interactive and subject area becomes more easy to understand.The video series is an expanded version of the book with explanation of the application and step-by-step source code in detail.

Are you looking for Blockchain training?

Blockchain is fast becoming the ‘must know’ technology for any IT professional – be it a developer, architect or a business analyst. The course is designed to provide you with the systematic approach towards understanding Blockchain concepts and its application. Although the course prerequisites does mention about having basic programming skills, it is not necessary to be a programmer to understand the core Blockchain concepts. For anyone who do not have prior knowledge or experience with Blockchain, this course will aid in uplifting your career value as a good Blockchain professional.

What the course would cover ?

In this course we will start with a broad overview of the Blockchain platform in terms of its features, benefits and principles and then deep dive into the architecture and implementation. You will explore different components of the Blockchain architecture viz Digital Tokens, Smart Contract, Ledger, Security, Consensus and Nodes. You will also explore two most popular implementations of Blockchain – Ethereum and IBM Hyperledger Fabric. Both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric are constantly evolving and as we move along we will ensure continuous updates to this course so that you do not miss out on the latest feature or function. As part of the course, the students would go through a hands-on exercise on how to build a crowdfunding application on Ethereum platform and a trade finance application on IBM Hyperledger Fabric. This is the first course to cover on how to build real-world blockchain applications using  Ethereum & BM Hyperledger Fabric.

How this course is designed ?

Lectures in this course averages not more than 10 minutes and consist around 32 lecture session. Each day if we take out 10 minutes, you can complete the course in a month’s time.  The course covers two major Blockchain implementations which can be used for building public and enterprise blockchain applications. Upon subscription, you will get free regular updates on the new and upcoming Blockchain features and thereby keeping the course content enriched, enhanced and up-to-date.

How this course is different from other blockchain course ?

Our focus on the video series is to provide a practical guidance for building blockchain applications for public and private blockchain use cases. This is the first course which provides a neutral architecture for blockchain application and what it takes to design and develop blockchain applications. The blockchain videos series doesn’t focus on cryptocurrency or mining concepts, but instead focus on using the blockchain technology for building value driven application. Through this practical course, we describe what’s possible to build with current generation of blockchain platform and technology and what lies in the future.

Lastly, we would be eager to hear from you on the course and use the feedback to improve and add more valuable content to the course.

Why there are no hands-on Lab with the new updated course ?

The course is being updated to use the latest software. Lot of software used in earlier course is deprecated. We are now offering the course for Free, as we work on updating the course.

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