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This course is a compilation of more than 250+ Java interview question. With this course you can brush up your skills from very basic level to advanced level. Most of the topics have been discussed with coding examples to give a better understanding. In this course I have covered wide range of topics . The best part about this course is you can go through this course in a very sort span of time .

Topics covered in this course:

1 ) Basic question on JVM , JDK and JRE

2 ) Java Main Method

3 ) String, String Buffer and String Builder

4 ) Wrapper classes : Advantages over primitive types , different ways to create  them, hands on examples

5 ) Common methods of Object Class

6 ) General Programming Concepts : Interface, access modifiers, abstract class, static method, static variables, static blocks, inner class etc.

7 ) Marker Interface : Random Access , Cloneable , Serializable

9 ) Cloning : deep clone and shallow clone with examples

10 ) Serialization and deserialization with examples.

11 ) Exceptions : exception hierarchy, checked exception and unchecked exceptions

12 ) Collections: collection hierarchy, different collection classes,  HashMap, Comparable and Comparator, concurrent collections, Generics

13  )Threads

14 ) Executor framework

15 ) Java 8 : Functional programming , functional interface , lambda expressions with examples , Optional with examples .

Hope this course will be helpful to you , so kindly enroll and get started.

Happy learning!!!!

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