Working With Canva For Beginners | Best Practices

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, or a Blogger, or a Youtuber, or a Freelancer, creating attractive graphics designs plays an integral part in attracting the attention of your prospects, In this course you will learn to work with the best free online graphics designing platform and create professional graphics using it.


You will learn about the platform, the tools, different effects, working with the different templates and layouts therein, explore some of the free and pro features, & create four projects using it, by the end of this course you will become learn creating :

• Custom shapes & objects.

• Professional banners.

• Cover arts for your YouTube channel.

• Digital Card and much more.


Why enroll for this course ?

• Complete Practical Approach.

• Content & Practices As Per 2022-23 Standards.

• Learn From An Expert Who Has Created More Than 200 Designs In Canva.

• Easy Approaches In Explaining Things.

Who can enroll for this course ?


• Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Youtubers, Freelancers.

• Anyone In The Beginner Or Intermediate In Canva Can Take This Course To Jazz Up Their Creativity.


What You Will Learn :


1. In Depth Understanding Of The Platform, Tools, Elements & Other Functionalities In Details.

2. Creating Graphic Designs From Scratch Using Different Tools, Elements & Effects In Canva.

3. More Expertise On Creating Designs Than Just Editing Templates & Layouts.

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