Voice Assistant with Python – Alexa Clone

Short Description

Build your own interactive Voice Assistant


In this course you will learn how to build your own interactive Voice Assistant with Python. You can see it like an Alexa Clone. The requirements for this course the basic knowledge of the Python Programming Language and especially a great desire to learn new things.

Further more you need the following technical equipment:

· Microphone (Headset, integrated microphone etc..)

· Internet Connection

We will build step by step a Virtual Assistant with interesting features.

The Curriculum looks like this:

Initialize and Configure the Voice Assistant (Listen, Talk, Reply)

  • Smalltalk
  • Cryptocurrency Information
  • Stock Market Information
  • Wolfram Alpha API
  • Translator
  • Chuck Norris Jokes
  • News
  • Weather
  • Distance between two cities
  • Wikipedia
  • Time and Weekday

You can modify and change every feature shown in this course. The content should give you the necessary tools to build your own assistant which meet your personal desires. The Jupyter Notebook is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is this course. Especially for beginners it is very easy to follow if you are using this IDE. But if course you can choose another one if you wish, no need to use Jupyter Notebook.

This Voice Assistant Course covers all experience levels. That means it does not matter if you are a complete beginner, intermediate or a programming professional, you will definitely learn concepts which you can implement in your personal programming projects.

It is expected that you have already installed Python. In case you have any kind of question during the course, you can definitely refer to me and the other course members.

check: Bootstrap course

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