Unlock Your Pelvis

Discover a completely new, science-based approach to pelvic floor health that even pelvic floor experts don’t know about. Get rid of your pelvic floor dysfunction, lower back pain, SI joint pain and increase your hip mobility with this 4 week long course.


Course Facts:

  • Expected duration: 4 weeks
  • Total number of sessions: 12
  • Session length: 30 – 45 min
  • Self-paced course (recommended to do at least 2 sessions/week)
  • Expert guidance
  • Access to private community of like-minded women


“Unlock Your Pelvis” works by targeting the bones and surrounding muscles of the pelvis, providing a more indirect approach to improving pelvic floor health.


Course Main Benefits:

  • Get rid off pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Strong but relaxed pelvic floor
  • Improved posture
  • Better hip mobility
  • Reduced lower back or SI joint pain
  • Easier bowel movements & defacation
  • Urination without leaking
  • Easier child birth experience
  • Deeper emotional connection to your pelvis


The knowledge and techniques shared in this course are cutting-edge information that is not widely known or taught, making “Unlocking the Pelvis” the go-to resource for women who want to take their pelvic floor health to the next level. If you are a pelvic floor therapist, physiotherapist, yoga teacher or any other movement instructor, this knowledge will bring your professional practice to a new level.


Please note that this course does not replace a medical treatment. Please ask your doctor in case you are unsure about this course. This course can be done as birth preparation or post-natal as well. Slight modifcations are needed during pregnancy which are explained in the sessions.

If you are ready to experience a long-lasting change that will affect your whole life for the better, sign up now!




Feedback from students:

Melanie (Germany): “The “Unlock Your Pelvis” course has revolutionized my perception and understanding of my body, particularly the pelvic region. Through unique exercises and brilliant knowledge delivery, l have noticed considerable improvements in my pelvic floor and back and integrated the learned techniques into my daily routine. Considering the immense benefits, the cost is more than reasonable, and I highly recommend this course to anyone ready to experience positive and lasting change.”


Shannon (US): “I absolutely adored this course! It has been an absolute game-changer for me. After years of undergoing physical and pelvic floor therapy, I can confidently say that this course stands apart from the rest. Within just 4 weeks, I experienced an incredible release of pain in my pelvic floor and lower back—something that no doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist has ever achieved for me. What’s even more amazing is that the results have been long-lasting! 🙂

I cannot express how genuinely happy and grateful I am! Occasionally, when stress creeps in, I may still encounter some discomfort. But thanks to this course, I now finally have tools that work at my disposal. I simply revisit certain sessions, and like magic, I can physically sense my sacrum area opening up and my pelvic floor relaxing.

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