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Short Description: 60,000 Students & 80,000 Subscriptions : 2019 Complete Google Cloud platform Professional Cloud Network Engineer Course


  • Basic Understanding of Computer Networking will help student to prepare fast


This is another course of Google Cloud Platform for Professional Cloud Network Engineer – Google Cloud Platform. 

We have 55,000 students for our google cloud platform training and we only provide Google Cloud training since 2017.

Recent Feedback

Date Jul 15

Segsik Ikuesan6:14am

Thanks for a brilliant course i completed and passed my GCP Networking Engineer.

This Course is still in Beta – No Questions Yet.

The structure of this course

– Aligns exact syllabus to training materials (final section is still under progress)

– Detail Theory and Hands on ! 

– Syllabus coverage Analysis for every sections.

Section – 1 to 1 mapping with google certification outline for Certification -> Professional Network Engineer

Section 1, 2, 3 of the course is to get you started with Google Cloud platform

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for Google Cloud Network Engineer Certification

Checkout: https://coursetime.net/ultimate-google-certified-associate-cloud-engineer-2020/

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