three JS Fundamentals Course – Learn Three.js from scratch

Short Description

Learn three js to create awesome 3D website


Hello and welcome to my course of Three JS fundamentals course

My name is Mohammed khan, a full stack developer and I’ll be the instructor for this course, in this course you will learn about Three JS,

right from the basics, you do not need to have any previous knowledge about Three JS. I’ll be teaching you everything from scratch and in a very easy way.

Course contents:

  • Introduction to three JS
  • Fundamental Concepts of Three JS
  • Three JS scene essentials
  • Creating our very first scene using three js
  • Populating the scene
  • creating geometries using Three js
  • Learning about animations
  • Types of Lights in Three JS
  • Controlling the website using Orbit controls.
  • Shadows in three JS
  • Types of Materials
  • Textures in Three JS
  • Animating Scenes using Three JS
  • Primitive Geometries in Three JS
  • Particle System in Three JS
  • Working with external Geometries in Three JS
  • many more things.

we will be providing all the code along with all the resources which I will be showing you guys in the course videos, along with that you will also be

getting Q&A support and an exclusive students discord channel where the students can chat with other developers and ask me any questions that they want.

So what are you waiting for guys join now and start learning this awesome framework i.e. THREE JS

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