The Key to Microwave Engineering: Transmission Lines

A must-have knowledge for every E.E. engineer in the era of wireless communication, high-frequency and high-speed electronics.

  • Do you feel challenged by transmission line and its significance in modern electronic systems?
  • Are you intrigued by high-frequency electronics and the mysteries of microwave engineering?
  • Are you seeking a clear, concise introduction to microwave engineering that will empower you to excel in your design?


Look no further than “The Key to Microwave Engineering: Transmission Lines” – The third course in The Tao of Phasor Series.

The goal of this course is to make transmission line theory more accessible in the simplest way possible.


This course is not just about analyzing transmission lines with phasors:

  • With high-quality content and insightful lessons, you’ll have a solid foundation in transmission line theory.
  • Our focus is not just on the HOW, but also on the WHY and the evolution of analytical methods in this field.
  • We will point out the key to turn the electromagnetic perspective into the circuit perspective.
  • We will visually demonstrate the propagation of voltage and current waves through time and position on a line.
  • We will provide a concrete illustration of the physical significance of the characteristic impedance.
  • Without difficult math!


By the end of this course:

  • You’ll have a solid foundation in resonance, common filters, and transmission line theory that underpin microwave engineering and will impact your entire electrical engineering career.
  • You’ll learn about the properties and behavior of transmission lines, such as wavelength, wave speed,  propagation constant,  cut-off frequency,  standing wave, and characteristic impedance, etc. You’ll also learn how they affect the performance of your circuits.
  • You’ll also gain a practical understanding of microstrip lines and microwave filters to avoid mistakes in implementing micropstrip lines on PCBs.
  • You’ll be able to design high-frequency circuits with confidence and accuracy.


Join us on this journey and get your foot into the door of microwave engineering!


Course Highlights:

  • LC Buckets and Resonance
  • 28 Common Filters (1) – All passive elements
  • 28 Common Filters (2) – Amplifiers come into play
  • Types of Transmission Line
  • Small Segment of Transmission Line
  • Infinite-length Line
  • Solve Transmission Line Equations By Phasor
  • Lossless Line and Solution of Waves on Infinite Lossless Line
  • Direction of Wave Propagation
  • Wavelength and Wave Velocity
  • Wavelength and Velocity in Medium
  • Wave Propagation on an Infinite Lossless Line
  • Observing Wave Propagation on the Line
  • Definition of Characteristic Impedance
  • Another Point of View of Characteristic Impedance
  • Cut-off Frequency
  • Physical Meaning of Characteristic Impedance
  • Wave Inteferences
  • Finite Line and Standing Wave
  • Reflection Coefficient
  • Transmission Line Effect
  • Short- and Open-terminated Lines
  • Quater-wave Line
  • Half-wave Line
  • Example
  • Microstrip Line
  • Insights

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