The Epigenetics Cure for Mental and Physical Illness

The Epigenetics Cure: Re-educating Your Cells and DNA for Optimal Health is a program that can be used to return a person to health, reducing or alleviating their symptoms while at the same time addressing the underlying catalysts to help prevent recurrence of dis-ease.

When each of the program’s steps are continuously applied during your life, it can prevent recurrence of illness and improve the quality of your life and relationships. You gain the ability to extend your life. You can prevent the “elderly pit” of slow death that occurs over the last 10 years of a person’s life in our country.

This program can be used to prevent over 75% of all chronic physical and mental illnesses to expedite a persons return to health, reduce or alleviate their need for medications and prevent recurrence of any illness or dis-ease.

Why? The science of epigenetics has been scientifically proven give anyone the power to change the expressions of their genes. Genes can be altered by either the external environmental or internal mental and emotional signals without altering the gene sequence itself, the protocols in this book take a person through the step by step process of doing it. By using the detailed processes given, anyone can send new signal to their genes to produce the different proteins manufacture to restore health, new strength and extend life expectancy.

The impact that is possible on reducing health care costs, improving productivity and being prepared for whatever Coronavirus version invades our shores next, is astronomical! Application of the scientifically based practices in this book creates a super immunity and can prevent the “elderly pit” of slow death and massive medication prescriptions ( 18 or more per year) that occurs over the last 10 years of a person’s life in our country.

As Dr. Sheen shares, “Our genes are no longer our hardwired destiny. The science of epigenetics has shown how they can be switched on or off, up regulated or downregulated. The natural wonder of our body is their creative and spontaneous functioning of each cell. Each time you implement the strategies in this book you will train your mind to direct your three brains to utilize neuroplasticity to build or reinforce their neural networks. This process now sends new signals to the receptors on each cell to direct their DNA to produce bio-substances to meet the body’s needs for healing, adaptation, growth or development. I have used each of these techniques with thousands of people worldwide and they produce miraculous results when applied.’


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