Summary of course : – In this course you will learn about full stack web development using Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, etc

The requirement’s before enrolling this course:--Basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS 3

You will learn about :

  • Everything about javascript
  • HTML and CSS3
  • The various framework of javascript
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Rest API
  • Socket programming
  • How to design material UI
  • LoopjackJS


In this “the complete full stack javascript ” course you will learn about everything that is needed to become a full-stack web developer from javascript to all the frameworks of javascript such as LoopbackJS, Redux, ReactJS, NodeJS, Rest API along with designing an awesome UI and learning socket programming. Since the online industry is growing so fast and the need of website is growing rapidly because still majority of the companies still prefer a website along with mobile application so the need of full stack developer is also increasing learning full-stack development is very good idea and in this course, there are 3 projects which are explained below:

Calculator Application – Building this will teach you about the react and to program the  react cycle

Chat Application –  Chat application are at tends this days and in this course you are going to build a chat application using Socket programming, in the chat application you can add or remove user and send text message to each other

Weblog – In this project, you will create an awesome blog and using the REST and Loopjack javascript and what this basically will do is it will help you understand the connection between the frontend and the backend

Who should enroll this course:-

  • If you want to learn javascript
  • If you want to learn the framework of javascript
  • If you want to become Full stack web developer

This course provides:-

  • 24+ hour of the video course
  • Articles-Resources
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access on platforms like Mobile and T.V.
  • Certificate after completion of this course

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