The Blog Perk Method – How To Get Free Products

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How to Get Free Stuff When You Blog or Podcast


The Blog Perks  method is quite simple, you just have to communicate in the right way, use the right words and approach and the company you are contacting for a free product, or products, will jump at the opportunity to send you some of their products.

The approach is to communicate to the company that you are a blogger and have influence in your industry. If you are in the health industry, they want to know you can influence people and their decisions around health, if you are in the finance industry, relationship industry, diet industry, fitness industry, spirituality industry, DIY space, whatever it may be, they want to see what you have going for yourself and see that you have some influence.

Companies that sell products want to be on the good side of the media, of bloggers, social media influencers and Hollywood stars. The more goodwill they have with the people and media corporations that have influence, the more likely and the more often their products/services/company will be positively represented and endorsed, which means more sales.

Imagine receiving anything you want: top-quality, top brand, top price… for free!

The Blog Perks Method Breakdown:

  • Why The Method Works
  • Step-by-step Breakdown
  • Applying the Method To Your Blog Market

How To Apply The Blog Perks Method:

  • Step 1:  Finding Products You Want For Free
  • Step 2: Asking The Right Person For Your Free Products
  • Step 3: The Secret Blog Perks Method “Media MarketingScript” (70-80% success rate) (Includes Script)
  • Step 4: (Refer To Video 4): How To Follow up (If they don’t respond) (IncludesScript)
  • Video 5: How To Double up & Get Multiple Products From The Same Company(Includes Script)

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