The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame

Short Description

From simple games using single images to complex games using classes and 100 sprites, this course will cover it all!


Have you learned the fundamentals of Python and then asked yourself; what’s next?

If so, consider taking this course which will start you on your journey to making your own playable, fun, and rather addicting video games using Python and the Pygame library. 

So often, when students ask for advice they are told to, “Go build something” or “Get involved on a project” but have no idea what projects to build or get involved in.

This course will set you on your way! In this course I will walk you though, step by step, on how to to design the layout and the functionality of 7 unique, engaging, and most importantly, FUN games.  By the end of this course, I promise that you will be coming up with your own game ideas and feel confident enough in your abilities to create them.

In my experience teaching computer science, students tend to flourish under the basics but hit a wall when we approach object oriented programming.  The shift to using Classes as a way to structure code is difficult and often times students don’t have enough exposure to meaningful examples of how to use Classes to help make complex code more efficient.  I believe by the end of this course, you will understand how to use classes.

This course is designed in such a way that NO KNOWLEDGE OF CLASSES is needed to start!  We will begin by learning the fundamentals of the Pygame library and video game design concepts as we move onto making 4 very fun arcade style games.

  • Feed the Dragon:  Using your arrow keys, move the dragon up and down, trying to eat as many gold coins as you can.  The more coins you eat, the faster you move!
  • Click the Clown:  Using your mouse, click the clown on your screen as he moves in random directions.  With each click, he moves faster and faster!
  • Snake:  Relive the glory days of cellphone gaming circa 2000 with the classic Snake style game!
  • Burger Dog: Feed a hungry pup burgers that are falling from the sky.  Time your speed boosts just right to catch those burgers that are just out of reach!

We will then review/teach concepts of classes and inheritance in Python as they are crucial tools to help us take our games to the next level using Sprites and Sprite Groups.  We will spend some time learning more intermediate concepts such as how to use sprites, sprite groups, and various sprite collision detection methods as we move onto making 2 intermediate level games.

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