System Design Interview Preparation using ChatGPT

In this focused, 60-minute course, you’ll quickly learn essential strategies for tackling system design interviews and boosting your career prospects. We’ll concentrate on the crucial aspects of designing complex systems, emphasizing balancing business fundamentals with technical expertise.

The course will cover critical aspects of system design interviews, including understanding the problem domain, product purpose, and interviewer expectations. Through a targeted approach, you’ll learn to shape your answers, identify knowledge gaps, and practice using real-world examples, such as designing an AI-powered search engine.

We’ll explore a conversational approach to system design, helping you engage in productive dialogues with your interviewer. You’ll learn to apply your expertise in algorithms, data structures, domain knowledge, and infrastructure to navigate the conversation effectively.

Throughout the course, you’ll work on hands-on assignments that reinforce your learning:

  1. Problem Domain Exploration: Analyze a given problem statement, identify critical components, and draft relevant questions to clarify the requirements.
  2. Data Modeling Exercise: Design an appropriate data model for a specific system based on the requirements.
  3. Scalability & Performance: Propose a scaling strategy to handle a rapidly growing user base, addressing potential bottlenecks and challenges.
  4. Fault Tolerance Considerations: Develop a fault-tolerant system design catering to many concurrent users.
  5. MVP Design: Design a minimum viable product for a sample problem, focusing on key features and customer needs.

By the end of this 60-minute course, you’ll be better equipped to face system design interviews and confidently tackle complex design challenges. You are encouraged to explore generative AI tools like ChatGPT and BARD to complete your assignments!

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