Summaries of the 50 Top Business Books You Should Read

Would you like to have read the best 50 books on sales, marketing, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and self-improvement?  Just imagine all the insights and lessons you would have learned and how that would have helped you in your business career.  But how much time would it have taken?

With this course you can quickly absorb the key ideas and principles in best-selling business books by watching short videos.  Going through these lectures will expand your business and personal knowledge and help make you a better leader.  The books range from old classics like How to Win Friends and Influence People, right up to modern bestsellers like Start with Why and Atomic Habits.


There are seven sections:


All-time Classics

Marketing and Communication

Sales and Negotiation

Leadership and Strategy

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Creativity and Thinking

Motivation, Psychology and Personal Productivity


This course is aimed at business professionals at all levels.  You can use the course as a handy reference.  Just choose a book that interests you. Watch the video, download the worksheet and make a note of the key ideas which are relevant and useful to you.  You will quickly find that you have gained most of the essential insights from the book without spending many long hours reading it.  You can then apply the key learnings in your work to make you smarter and more successful.

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