Stress Management: Transforming Stress Into Positive Growth

Stress IS the number one cause of illness, depression, ADHD, ADD and so many diseases because it causes the immune system to shut down. This predisposes the body to be attacked by cancer cells, viruses, and all sorts of harmful biochemicals that it would otherwise have defenses against. To reverse stress properly it must be addressed on the many areas of the mind, body, and emotions that interfere with well being and burden relationship with tension and acting out. This is why the course helps students so much, using the Science of Quantum Embodiment® the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects are addressed that reduces the constrictions and returns wellness and empowerment by redirecting your inner pharmacy and creating new neural networks in your brain. This in turn reopens the immune system as the parasympathetic nervous system engages the endocrine and respiratory systems to rerun homeostasis and empowerment. Fortunately, by using the alchemy based tools and strategies of Quantum Embodiment® the “lead” of your negativity and stress can be transformed into new reservoirs of empowering energetic “gold.”

Stress poisons the joy of life. Stress turns living into a struggle and is the number one reason people are which predisposed people to illness, depression, ADHD and unsatisfying relationships.

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