Stock Market Investopedia: Investing, Trading & Shorting

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Comprehensive guide how to invest in stocks this course will cover all the knowledge you need to know about stocks


$20,000+ made learn how to trade, invest and pick stocks like a pro


I created this course to serve you as a guide to teach you about the stock market, learn theories and different ways to invest. This course is great for a newbie and intermedia students who want to learn more about investing in stocks and learning more about them. I have combined a lot of knowledge that will take you to the intermediate range and save you a lot of hard work and limit stock market losses by learning common mistakes that newbies often make.

Included in the course how to play with stock options, buy and sell stocks with calls and puts and use them to place bets including short selling with put options. For this course I recommend you to open a paper money account where you trade using pretend money to test out some of the concepts taught in this course. As newbies I highly recommend against investing any real money in the stock market unless you have over 1 year of actual experience and read all the recommended books I suggest in this course.

Not just learn theory watch and learn how I risk big money and see the actual results from 4 years of active trading with biggest success  wining over $20,000+ dollars. Watch and learn how I play with real money, playing with stocks, and options.

This course will teach you…

Value investing, long term investing, swing trading, when to invest in IPO, how to play stock options and short stocks. Learn about different terms, theories and what various instruments to use to learn more about understanding the value of a stock and if it is a good long term investment.

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WARNING: Options are very dangerous never do naked put or call selling in fact avoid any selling of calls and puts period only play with money you can afford to lose do not play with margin money! Understand that buying puts and calls can be very profitable but you risk losing 100% of your investment proceed with anything I teach here as educational and entertainment knowledge only.


In this course you will learn about the stock market this course is a guide that should help you learn about the stock market and help you make an educate decision. This course is not quick way to make money nor should it be a recommendation to buy any security.

I am not a registered financial advisor and therefore cannot make a buy or sale recommendation but only provide you general education. As always consult a financial advisor when it comes to advice to buy or sell any security.

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