Statistics for Data Science and Business Analytics

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Master the Statistics in Python and Data Science along with in-depth examples. Solid Foundation in Statistics Guaranteed


Welcome to the best online course on Statistics for Data Science.

Statistics are used to communicate data. With the help of Statistics understand the data and communicate our confidence in the statements.

Statistics for Data Science course is designed to give knowledge of the basic principles of statistical methods and concepts of statistical analysis using the Python programming language. This is a complete course on Statistics with Python and Data Science along with examples.

In this course, you will cover:

  • Introduction to the Statistics.
  • Introduction to the Probability.
  • Learn about the Descriptive Statistics concepts.
  • Learn about the Random Variables in Statistics.
  • Learn about Statistical Distribution in this course.
  • Learn about the Inferential Statistics topics.
  • Learn about the Correlations in the course.
  • Learn about the different Sampling Methods in the course.
  • Learn about the different types of Stochastic Processes.
  • Learn about the Regression in Statistics.

Not only this, you will get to attempt quizzes to test your knowledge. You will also have access to all the resources such as PPT and coding files used in this course.

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Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to become a Data Scientist.
  • Those who are looking for Job
  • Professionals and students who want to understand the necessary statistics for data analysis
  • Data Analyst
  • Someone interested in learning how to apply probability and statistics to business or data science
  • Just Passion for Learning
  • Anybody who wants to master stats for business analytics
  • Anybody who wants to get hands-on experience with stats
  • Anybody who wants to learn stats from the ground up

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