Spring Boot 2 – introduction to the most important features

Short Description

Learn Spring Boot and see how to use it together with MVC and Data modules to create an application in less than hour


In this course, you will dive into a Spring framework world. I will show you what is the Spring Boot module. I will also present you its most important features, and show you how to combine Spring Boot together with other Spring modules like MVC and Data. During this course, you will prepare a ToDo list application.

If you have never used Spring and want to see what it is all about then this course is for you. Besides Spring Boot we will use here a few other modules from Spring but before using any of them I will introduce them to you.

You will find here slides with a theory about Spring and also videos from coding. What is very important, in coding videos you will write every single line of code, there will be no situation when suddenly some new code appears in the project. Moreover, after every practical part, you will be able to download source codes for it.

In the course, I am using Spring in version 5, Java 8, and my IDE is Eclipse. Before you will start you should have some background knowledge about programming in Java. It would be good if you had some basic knowledge of databases and HTML but it is not necessary.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who are interested in the Spring framework
  • People interested in Java Backend frameworks
  • Students who want to start their career as Java programmers
  • Programmers who know Java and want to learn the Spring framework

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