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Master the fundamentals of browser automation using the Python language with Selenium. Walk confidently into any interview for entry-level browser automation or increase your technical value by showing your current employer that you are ready for new and bigger challenges.

Learn lessons collected over years of professional automation in just a few hours.

  • Fast, readable automation using minimal code
  • The quickest and most effective way to identify web elements
  • Page Objects and Element Objects implemented sensibly and effectively
  • Industry-ready test structure and composition

A Bulletproof approach to automation fundamentals  Python is one of the most popular languages in the world, and the demand for it is only increasing. Selenium is an industry standard for test automation, so Python’s readability make the two a perfect match for writing valuable automated tests.

Browser automation is in high demand as software testing costs rise and the software industry explodes in size. Unfortunately, engineers interested in automation have little in the way of concrete guidance on how to be successful, or what properly written automation code even looks like. 

The most widely circulated videos on these topics speak only to the technologies themselves, and do not offer viable implementation guidance or valuable industry practices. I have made these valuable practices the focus of this course.

Content and Overview Suitable for those comfortable with basic Python and Object-Oriented Programming concepts, these lectures build a rock-solid foundation of skills required to automate at a professional level.

Beginning with a step-by-step setup of the development environment using Virtual Environments (a must for aspiring Python developers) and Selenium setup, this course allows you to watch as I walk you through each step, explaining as we go.

Once the environment is ready we will discuss how web elements work, and how the best and fastest automation engineers (a rare breed!) identify them for automation. I will demonstrate each concept in real time as a conversation. That means you will spend almost NO time watching traditional lectures or slides, and almost all your time seeing the concepts in action or following along with me.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to begin a career in entry-level browser automated testing, or to automate their browser for any number of useful purposes to include data-scraping and task automation.

Equipped with code samples,code challenges, short quizzes, and info-rich videos, you’ll have no trouble following along with the concepts, and I am always available for questions.

Finally, automating is a blast, and I wish more people did it. Let me rephrase that – I wish more people did it, and did it well! We need more people like you executing effective, high-value automation solutions, so let’s get started on this journey together!

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