RXJS – Covering The Essential Topics With Practical Examples

Short Description

Learn RXJS Observables, Operators and Subjects, and implement that knowledge in practical examples.


This course will rapidly guide you to become an RXJS developer. This course is friendly to those who know nothing about RXJS. We will first thoroughly explain the essential topics and concepts of RXJS to teach you the fundamentals. We will then dive into creating more complex projects(Posts Getter, Todo List, Mouse Tracker and Text Tracker).

This course will first cover the essential topics such as:

  • Observables
  • Subjects And Behaviour Subjects
  • Difference Between Subjects And Observables
  • Essential Operators:
    1. Ajax Operator
    2. From Operator
    3. Iif Operator
    4. FromEvent Operator
    5. Count Operator
    6. Max Operator
    7. Min Operator
    8. Map Operator
    9. GroupBy Operator
    10. Reduce Operator
    11. Filter Operator
    12. First Operator
    13. Last Operator
    14. Skip Operator
    15. Throttle Operator
    16. Concat Operator
    17. Merge Operator
    18. ForkJoin Operator
    19. Tap Operator
    20. Delay Operator
    21. ToArray Operator

After covering the fundamentals, we will then go through some awesome RXJS examples:

  • Posts List:In this project we will be getting random posts from an API using the RXJS Ajax operator and displaying them to the user.
  • Todo List:In this project we will be creating a todo list that allows the user to add and remove todos.
  • Mouse Tracker:In this project we will be listening for mouse events from the user and getting and displaying the x and y coordinates of the click.
  • Text Tracker:In this project we will be getting some text from the user and we will check the amount of characters of that text and how many words it contains.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in RXJS.

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