Rigging practices for Blender and Three.js

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Step by step rigging practices for Blender and Three.js


Hello and welcome.

If you are a web developer who is interested in using 3D models for a website or if you are a 3D model designer and want to know how to prepare a basic scenario so that it can be exported and used in other applications, this course may be for you.

This course is oriented to put into practice the knowledge of rigging armatures in blender and use them with three.js through exercises.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to do basic modeling in Blender.
  • How to do basic rigging in Blender.
  • Export the scene we created in blender to be used in different applications.
  • Create a basic html page to display our work in Blender.
  • Using Three.js to display a 3D scene
  • Load in the html page our model using Three.js
  • How to read and use the armature and bones with Javascript
  • How to prepare Visual Studio Code to work with our Three.js project
  • Using Webpack to export the project
  • View the project on a local server

In addition, you will find these lessons attractive because they can serve as a basis to start creating a web page that can be used as a portfolio to display 3D figures that you have previously created.

Also for developers, these lessons can be attractive to learn how to use elements within a 3D model and modify them using JavaScript.

I hope you enjoy the videos and can use what you learn for your personal projects.

Have fun

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