Mastering QuickBooks Online 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

This exhaustive course is your ticket to expertise in QuickBooks Online, offering an immersive learning experience that caters to beginners and seasoned users alike.

The promise of mastering QuickBooks in just an hour might sound appealing, but we firmly believe in a robust and thorough exploration of this powerful software. This course is designed to guide learners from the very basics to an in-depth understanding of the platform, while offering the flexibility to reference specific topics as needed. It serves as a reliable, up-to-date reference guide that we commit to updating annually to reflect the latest developments in the software.

Starting from the ground up, we demonstrate how to access and install the QuickBooks software, potentially at no cost. Using a sample file provided by QuickBooks, learners will navigate the software, identify commonly-used areas, and comprehend the relationship between data input and the resultant financial statements and related reports.

The course utilizes a transactional analysis approach, categorizing transactions into accounting cycles: vendor cycle (alternatively known as payment, purchases, accounts payable, or expenses cycle), customer cycle (also referred to as revenue, sales, or accounts receivable cycle), and employee cycle. Each cycle’s data input forms and their impact on financial statements and related reports are examined in detail.

The subsequent section involves setting up a new company file, a crucial learning step to grasp foundational accounting system components like the chart of accounts, service items, revenue items, and starting balances. Learners will practice entering a variety of common transactions over two months, backed by instructional videos, and analyze each transaction’s impact on the financial statements and related reports.

Bank reconciliations, an essential part of financial integrity, are also covered, demonstrating reconciliation procedures using sample bank statements. Further, an extensive section devoted to bank feeds ensures learners understand how to connect to the bank, download and incorporate bank data into the accounting system, and apply bank rules for efficiency.

Following this, we delve into adjusting entries, used to align financial statement reports to their accounting basis at the month or year-end. Key accounting bases such as accrual, cash, or tax basis will be explored.

The course additionally covers budget construction best practices, QuickBooks budget entry, and budget report generation. Specialized topics such as account number usage, form customization, class tracking, transaction memorization, and multiple currency handling are also included, providing a well-rounded understanding of QuickBooks Online.

By the conclusion of this course, learners will have developed a comprehensive understanding and skill set to expertly navigate and utilize QuickBooks Online for all their accounting needs.

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