Quick Ways to Learn Sanskrit Language

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The Disciplined Approach to Mastery


I already published 3 Sanskrit Learning Courses in details with lot of explanations and exercises. But many asked me how to learn Sanskrit quickly. This course gives some directions, which you need to practice to keep the interest alive in you and to reap the benefits of learning Sanskrit Language.

All my three courses are specifically designed to give Complete and Comprehensive knowledge about Sanskrit Language Structure. Like the saying “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, instead of approaching through short cut routes, the actual path to success lies in our devotion and dedication with discipline. And these qualities comes by practice though our mind resists such attempts initially, in long run, the brain adjusts itself and start giving the expected results.

Sanskrit Language learning requires a wide extensive learning approach with cumulative and progressive learning strategies. All are not equally blessed, but we can achieve wanted results by our efforts and actions. Every Action will result in its fruits, but the time depends on our regular time allocation to such actions.

We can easily get a complete big picture of this Ancient Sanskrit language, to get an overall idea about the concepts and visions of Vedic Period, by reading through many of the scriptures which are available online digitally. Because all such texts are written in Sanskrit, having a thorough and strong base of the Sanskrit language structure is very essential, to grasp the written information and it is easy to achieve it on our own by devoting mindfully one hour a day.

I tried to simplify the language structure in easy to understand form in plain English and divided the basic topics knowledge we need to acquire in ten different levels, by three different courses.

This course gives an overall idea about the approach to learning Sanskrit and topics taught in all my three courses. I hope you find this course content useful and I am sure this logical approach will bring expected results to you, both in learning Sanskrit as well as in leading your life.

I wish you all the best and welcome you to try it!

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