Python & Machine Learning in Financial Analysis coupon


Did you know that the No.1 killer of investment return is emotion?

Investors should not let fear or greed control their decisions.

How do you get your emotions out of your investment decisions?

A simple way is to perform objective financial analysis and automate it with Python!


  1. Performing financial analysis makes your decisions objective – you are not buying companies that your analysis did not recommend.
  2. Automating them with Python ensures that you do not compromise because you get tired of analyzing.
  3. Finally, it ensures that you get all the calculation done correctly in the same way.

Does this sound interesting?

  • Do you want to learn how to use Python for financial analysis?
  • Find stocks to invest in and evaluate whether they are underpriced or overvalued?
  • Buy and sell at the right time?

This course will teach you how to use Python to automate the process of financial analysis on multiple companies simultaneously and evaluate how much they are worth (the intrinsic value).

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