Python I for Power BI Users

Short Description

Dramatically enhance Power BI’s capabilities by incorporating Python’s flexible and powerful functionalities


An outline of this training course

Despite the benefits, many people are hesitant to really dive into Python, thinking it will be difficult to learn and implement in practical ways. In actuality, Python is easily understandable, very flexible and even beginning users can perform powerful analyses that are difficult or impossible with Power BI only. Knowledge of Python will allow you to create high-level statistical analyses and solve complicated problems with simple functions and algorithms. Combining these capabilities with Power BI’s strengths provides the ultimate analytical tool, and this course gives you the ability to effectively leverage that wider range of capabilities to generate incredible reports.

In this course by Gaelim Holland, before diving in to the Python analyses, data transformations and visualization, he starts first with principles and best practices in setting up Python in a “clean environment” to minimize potential conflicts with Power BI. He then explains how to download and utilize 2 different integrated development environments to write, test and debug your Python scripts. He also highlights the best packages to use within Python from both a functional and compatibility standpoint. All of this provides you a rock-solid foundation for using Python effectively.

Python I for Power BI Users – can also be accessed through a purchase of an Enterprise DNA Membership or Center of Excellence License.

Details of what you will learn during this course
• Install and optimally configure – 
Python, add-on packages and associated IDEs to maximize stability and functionality
• Augment – data prep and transformations in Power Query with Python
• Easily perform – analytical tasks difficult or impossible within Power BI, such as statistical analyses
• Create  highly customizable visuals beyond the native visualization capabilities in Power BI
• Automate and enhance  Power BI report elements
• Build  a stable environment that minimizes conflicts between Python and Power BI

What you get with the course
• Over 4 hours of intensive training videos
• Resource pack of three datasets and one pbix file for practical application

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Must learn: Machine Learning

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