[100% Off]Python Django, Aiohttp Workshop: Cooking Secret Note service

Short Description: Python Django Web Development: Making Secret note service with Python3, Django, Asyncio, Aiohttp, Pyrogram, Telegram API

What You will learn:

Web Development with Django FrameworkWeb Development with Django Rest FrameworkWeb Development with AiohttpWeb Development with PyrogramUsing Telegram APIWeb Development with microservice architecture


  • Python Junior Developer


This course requires knowledge of the Junior Python Developer level. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, this course will be a challenge for you. But if you take this course, I promise that you will learn a lot of interesting information and get a new project in your portfolio. This course is a workshop. This means that the course is a live project development, as if I collected it for a real customer.

It shows the live development process from A to Z, with all the bugs and problems that arise during development and with solutions to these problems.

Who this course is for:

  • Python Junior Developer

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