Practical Techniques For Raising Your Vibration and Energy

We live in times of great planetary transformations. After 2012, our planet entered the fourth dimension, which means that her vibration has increased progressively until today and we, those who she accepts and to whom she offers support and understanding, must learn to keep up. The state of chaos that many of us feel and see around has several causes – the negative feelings we are overwhelmed by, the fact that we do not care about our bodies, the fact that we do not know how to accept change and do not know how to balance ourselves. My course offers you a series of practical techniques for raising your vibration, balancing and achieving well-being both mentally and physically. The human being must be sees as a whole and none of its elements, nor the body, nor the spirit must be neglected. I invite you to discover all these techniques that have meant great change for me since 2012.

I will give you details about the feelings you have to cultivate, about the power of thought, about water programming, the New German Medicine or how to get rid of the fears related to the disease, about femininity and complementary feminine and masculine energies, about body care, about forgiveness, gratitude, the power of affirmations, the use of crystals, our purpose on Earth and much more, all with practical applications.

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