Practical MEAN stack Mastery course

Short Description

Learn to build a complete project end to end using MongoDB, Angular, Express, NodeJS


This is a practical hands-on based fullsatck course. It covers all the concepts that one needs to start building end to end application using MEAN stack technology. The course is structured in such a way that you will learn everything by implementing the concepts through project based approach.

Following are the topics that is covered in this course:

What is mongoDB, how to install mongoDB

Different concepts of NoSQL

Hands-on implementation of various query on mongoDB client

Setting up git bash

Creating github repositories and setting them up in local

Installing and setting up the code editor

Installing nodejs

Learning everything about nodejs and npm package manager

Installing various npm packages

What is ExpressJS

How to start writting RESTful API’s using Express JS

How to connect your Express API’s to MongoDB

How to create MongoDB schemas with mongoose

Creating a CRUD operation through handson project

What is Angular framework

How to create Angular project

How to create components in Angular project

How to create services in Angular project

Installing and using Bootstrap in Angular application

Consuming RESTful API’s from Angular application

Dynamic Routing in Angular application

Submitting form in Angular application

Form validation in Angular application

Parsing JSON data in Angular application

You will learn to use POSTMAN for testing your RESTful API’s

Committing and pushing code to github repository both for frontend and backend project

You will learn many more concepts and techniques that will help you in building any MEAN stack application but also it will help you in your MEAN stack interview.

You will get complete source code for frontend and backend project

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