Postman Course – Rest API Testing and Development

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The most comprehensive API development and testing course on Postman. Learn to use mock server and scripting features


Postman is a tool used by millions of developers around the world to document, test and interact with APIs. This course will show you the basics of postman and take you from making simple requests all the way to advanced topics such as scripting and mocking out an API.

We will start with the basics of APIs, types of APIs and then we will dive deeper into Postman Features that help in interacting with APIs. We will look at sending requests, setting up environments, specifying examples and authenticating requests. we will also look how to overcome a situation when the backend team is still developing the APIs and the frontend team needs to consume it.

Some of the major topics that we will cover include:

  • Basics of API
    • What is an API
    • Types of Web based APIs
    • How REST APIs Work
  • Getting Started with Postman
    • What is Postman
    • Installing & Updating Postman
    • Navigating Postman
    • Sending your first request
    • Creating your first collection
    • Creating a workspace
  • Sending Requests
    • Setup the API
    • Building Requests
    • Authorizing Requests
    • Basic Authentication
    • API Keys
    • OAuth 2.0
    • Bearer Tokens
    • eceiving Responses
    • Grouping requests in Collections
    • Using variables
    • Managing Environments
    • Specifying Examples
    • Generating client code
    • Sync
  • Writing Scripts
    • Scripting in Postman
    • Writing Pre-request Scripts
    • Writing Tests
  • Running Collections
    • Using the Collection Runner
    • Scheduling runs with Monitors
    • Building request workflows
    • Importing Data files
  • Mock Server
    • What is Mocking?
    • Additional Responses
    • Mocking using API
    • Postman Matching Algorithm
  • Documentation
    • Documenting Your API
    • Authoring your Docs
    • Publishing Documentation
    • Viewing Documentation
  • Team Tools
    • Working with your Team
    • Sharing your work
    • Integrations
    • Postman API

The course is made using the latest version of Postman and outlines practical uses of Postman in your development workflow.

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