Photoshop & Design For Content Marketing, ads & Social Media

The complete Photoshop and design course to create content for marketing, advertisement and social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

The chapters we have along the course:

  • Photoshop fundamentals
  • Content structure and typography
  • Single post image
  • Carousel post for Instagram
  • Video editing and animation

This course is not just a design course were we learn how to use tools in Photoshop to create a design, but we will also learn how a design structure should be so you get good result from marketing point of view.


There is a massive gap in the market. People either know how to create designs or how to do marketing, but not both of them. That’s why people have problems in creating a design that helps the marketing process and increase sales. So by learning what we have in this course you can become a good designer which can also help companies to grow and increase sales.


We will start this program by learning about the fundamentals of Photoshop, the tools and strategies you need to create advanced designs along the way. We also have a lot of different assignments and quizzes so you can master the photoshop fundamentals.


Then we will learn more about some important rules that every design must have, a general structure that works on all kinds of designs. We will also learn more about typography since it plays a major role in delivering a message to audiences.


After that we will focus on creating content in different formats for different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. Images, carousel, videos, animations and much more.


So if you are really ready to learn this great skill of designing professional content for businesses, click on take the course and let’s begin this journey together.

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