Photography MasterClass | 24 Hours of Content For All Levels

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Create amazing photos and learn from a photography pro. Complete Photography Masterclass.


Photography for beginners!  A complete photography masterclass course.  Over 24 hours of content to help you create amazing photos.

Learn the exact camera settings I’ve been using for the last 30 years for my creative vision.  Check out the video slideshow, to the right, to see my photography work and learn more about this photography course.

In this photography course, you’ll master more than just the fundamentals of photography.  To create amazing images there are four key ingredients you need to master: Your gear, Light, Composition + Editing.  Discover and master all four in this course.  It’s like having 4 courses in 1!

Here are the fundamentals all beginning photographers need to master…

Photography DSLR FUNdamentals.  Fundamentals don’t have to be boring.  Understanding the fundamentals is key for a solid foundation in building your photography skills.

Get ready to take your photography skills to the next level with Exposure.  In part 1, you’ll learn the basics of each component that makes up the exposure.  You’ll even learn something that is being mistaught by other instructors. 

In part 2 of exposure, we’ll take a deep dive into the Aperture.  Includes in-depth explanations to help you finally understand Aperture and all those pesky numbers.  You’ll finally know which Aperture does what for your creative vision. 

In part 3 of exposure, we’ll now take a deep dive into the Shutter Speed.  You’ll learn the creative options this camera setting provides, when to use a tripod (to avoid camera shake), how to freeze the action or create silky smooth water.

In part 4 of exposure, we’ll explore the ISO.  You’ll learn all about the good and bad of this camera setting, how it actually works and when you might need to adjust this camera setting.

The next two tutorials include my secret weapon and an often overlooked camera setting.  You’ll learn how to use the secret weapon for perfect exposure.  This means you’ll be able to take back creative control from your camera and manually set your settings for the exact type of photo you want.  Simple and easy with this tool.  Guaranteed.  Next, you’ll learn how to see light in a way you’ve never done before.  This too will help you create and save you time while editing in Lightroom or Photoshop (or any other software).

Next, we’ll take all that information and bring it together in a live studio demonstration.  We’ll go over every camera setting we’ve learned and troubleshoot how to choose which one.  Then, we’ll bring those photos into Lightroom to see how our selections affect the creative outcome.  Plus, I’ll share additional photography examples of what you learned.

It’s now time to venture outside for another photography demonstration.  I’ll share with you my creative decision process for choosing specific camera settings. We’ll then bring those images into Lightroom for comparison.

Finally, you’ll learn how I edit images in Lightroom.  Plus, we’ll take one of the outdoor shots and do a complete Classic Edit.  Plus, I’ll provide some additional pro editing tips too.

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