NLP – Beginner Level – Personal Growth Mastery

Short Description

Learn the most powerful tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in this program called Personal Growth Mastery.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Human Communication Model
  • Generative Success & Principles of Success
  • Hakkalau State of Learning
  • Presupposition of Success
  • Mind – Conscious & Unconscious
  • Sensory Acuity – Observation Skill
  • Rapport
  • Milton Model of Language
  • The Golden Circle & Golden Words
  • Mindfulness – The Ultimate Stress Buster
  • NLP Processes – Anchoring/ Collapse Anchor/ Circle of Excellence

This course includes:

  • 6.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • Your determination towards your success & Growth
  • No Pre-requisite for this course


What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is ‘the science & art of human excellence’.

NLP is a simple, easy to learn, yet powerful methodology for studying what goes on inside you. How you think, feel & act in different situations in your life.

NLP provides you with the keys to change your thinking processes to effect lasting positive change in your life.

With NLP , you can change ‘how’ you think about anything & transform your fears into strengths, overcome your limitations, change bad habits, get rid of phobias ….the list really is endless!

Here’s the insight into what all the exciting things you are going to master:

Day 01:

  1. Personal Growth Mastery – An art to master for growing as an individual person.
  2. Operating Agreements – Certain agreements you need to make with yourself before starting this journey of your growth.
  3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming – What it is all about?
  4. Goal Setting – What you want to achieve by doing this program?
  5. Concepts & Techniques – Short description of topics you are going to learn in this program.

Day 02:

  1. Human Communication Model – An important model to learn to start your Personal Growth Mastery journey.
  2. Events & Filters – Interesting terminologies related to Human Communication Model.
  3. A detailed description of how different Filter works.
  4. And the most important, how to implement what is learned in Human Communication Model in day to day life.

Day 03:

  1. Simple steps that are required to be followed to coach others through NLP.
  2. The Golden Circle – The secret behind successful marketing campaigns of companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, etc.
  3. The Golden Words – How using some not so Golden Words can make a negative impact on your life? And how to avoid using them?

Day 04:

  1. Generative Success – An easy and practical way to ensure to generate success for yourself.
  2. 3 Principles of Success – Mindset you need to follow to be more successful
    1. How the Effect side is always greater than the Cause side?
    2. How what we perceive becomes the only thing that we project?
    3. How only you are responsible for every change you want in your life?

Day 05:

  1. The Hakkalau State Of Learning – A state in which you can observe and learn things very quickly.
  2. 31 Presuppositions Of Success – Values required for developing a perfect mindset for leading a peaceful & successful life.

Day 06:

  1. Mind – How it works? And how to make the best out of it?
  2. A story with which the working of our mind is very much relatable.
  3. Conscious and Unconscious Mind –
    1. How does it function?
    2. What are their properties?
  4. Self-Sensitization Technique – A technique to cure any phobia by consciously reprogramming our unconscious mind.

Day 07:

  1. Sensory Acuity – A technique to be learned to rightly observe the outer changes in the body of the client. And based on that changes, to understand their inner feelings.
  2. Some important points to remember while using this technique of Sensory Acuity.
  3. How to improve the relationship with anyone by applying this technique in your day to day life?

Day 08:

  1. Rapport – A technique with which you can build and maintain a positive relationship with anyone you meet in just around no time.
  2. How to use that technique in day to day life?
  3. How to know whether this technique has worked successfully or not?

Day 09:

  1. Power Of Language – How your voice plays a vital role in communication? And a way to control it for getting better results in communication.
  2. Feedback Sandwich – An art of giving feedback in such a way that it doesn’t create a negative impact on the other person.
  3. Agreement Frame – An art of putting up your point/suggestion in such a way that it doesn’t hurt the other persons feeling.
  4. Chunking Strategy (Milton Model Of Language) – A simple strategy to use for improving your way of communicating.

Day 10:

  1. Mindfulness – Art of Stress Release/ Increases Concentration/ Makes you Calm

Day 11: NLP Processes

  1. Anchoring
  2. Collapse Anchoring
  3. Circle of Excellence

Day 12:

  1. Summary Of The Whole Program
  2. The Way Forward (What’s Next?)

Who this course is for:

  • Trainers/ Coaches
  • Businessman
  • Professionals
  • Homemakers
  • Students

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