Move 2 Magic Millets ( Course + Guided Challenge )

Did you know that a Millet diet can provide you with 5x more nutrition than Rice or Wheat ?
Unfortunately, 80% of people give up when trying to switch to this superfood.

Here are some reasons :

  • Lack of familiarity with Millet varieties,
  • Difficulty adapting to the taste,
  • Limited knowledge of how to incorporate Millet into a daily diet 

That’s why we created Magic Millets :

  • It is a course & 7 days challenge
  • Will teach you everything you need to know in Millets Diet
  • Practical guidance to make the switch to this nutrient-rich superfood



1. Healthy YOU

Millets are super smart food Has 4x more dietary fiber. 10x more calcium than rice and 40% less Glycemic Index. and 100% gluten-free.


Millets are Farmers friendly. For Millets, Farmers don’t need Borewell, Irrigation Canals & save a lot of Water & Electricity. Thus making more profit

3. Save Mother EARTH

Most Eco-Friendly crops. It uses 5x less water than Rice and 25% lesser Carbon Footprint 80% less Fertilizers & Pesticides

Do You Want To Eat Healthier And Reduce Your Environmental Impact At The Same Time?

This is a course & Challenge which gives you complete knowledge about Millets & how to make healthy food choices that benefit your body and the planet.

In just 7 days, we’ll guide you through the process of incorporating millets into your daily diet

Come, let us Move to Millets: be Healthy, help Farmers & save Mother Earth

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