[FREE]Modern Data Architecture using Microsoft Azure

Short Description: An introduction to Azure Data-warehousing Technologies and Principles

You will Learn

Navigate the Azure Portal Create Resource Groups and Provisioning in Azure Create and Load an Azure SQL Database How to load a Azure Data Lake How to move data using Azure Data Factory How to Configure and use Data Bricks How to provision and load a Azure Data Warehousing Connect Power BI to your Azure Synapse Analytics Data Warehouse


  • Basic understanding of SQL and Data Warehousing Principles


A hands on walk through of a Modern Data Architecture using Microsoft Azure. For beginners and experienced business intelligence experts alike, learn the basic of navigating the Azure Portal to building an end to end solution of a modern data warehouse using popular technologies such as SQL Database, Data Lake, Data Factory, Data Bricks, Azure Synapse Data Warehouse and Power BI.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Business Intelligence Developers

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