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Excel Course Curriculum at a Glance:

Get acquainted with for effective utilization of advanced excel through advanced formulas taught in this course.

  • Easily analyze their data
  • Find the solution to the most complex questions.
  • Able to do smart calculations.

Advanced Excel Formula List:


Table and Formatting:

How to structure and present the data.

Excel features like Tables, Cell Styles, Formatting options, etc.

Introduction of Table and Formatting:

  • Table tips
  • Table flexibility
  • Using tables with formulas
  • Formatting excel workbooks

Advance Charting:

  • Knowing how to pick the right type of chart.
  • Ability to converge various types of charts into one.
  • Use features like in-cell charts and conditional formatting charts.
  • Ability to setup dynamic and interactive charts.
  • Use spark lines.

Advanced excel skills:

There are numerous advanced excel skills imparted to students including:

  • Pivot charts.
  • Pivot tables and pivot reporting
  • Data validation
  • VBA and macros
  • Using excel productively.
  • Data tables, simulations, and solver.
  • Integrating excel with other tools and optimizing excel

Benefits of Learning Microsoft Advanced Excel:

  1. It is one of the best platforms to analyse and store data
  2. You can perform the most simple and complex calculations within fraction of seconds
  3. All the tools for data analysis are provided under one roof!
  4. Easy to prepare data visualizations with charts
  5. You can print all types of reports very easily
  6. A wide variety of free templates are readily available to use
  7. You can code to automate
  8. Transform and clean data quickly
  9. Store data with millions and zilions of rows and columns
  10. You can work with Excel online + mobile app

Reasons that make the course better than its contemporaries:

  • Experienced trainers from the field
  • Scrupulously designed curriculum keeping in mind the needs of the time
  • Recordings and videos to make the learning easy and exciting

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