Manage your IT Project with Key Templates and Checklists

Short Description

Practice Agile Project Management and lead your Software product to Success using +20 Professional tools


In this practical Project Management course, we go beyond the theoretical stuff out there to provide you with a selection of templates and checklists that have been tested and still used by this course’s instructor with 9 years’ experience in IT Project Management.

Our tools are built with Google Docs and Google Sheets, so you could more easily divide and collaborate over projects, facilitating teamwork. You can also use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats which we provided within this course (Office 2016) ordownload other formats such as OpenDocument Format, PDF, etc.

Along this course, you will learn how to:

  • Onboard your client effectively.
  • Excel your prospect and kick-off meetings.
  • Present a professionally realized Statement Of Work (SOW).
  • Closely manage stakeholders, communication, and risk.
  • Draft a project plan and preview your sprints.
  • Elaborate an appropriately designed budget calculation and estimation.
  • Execute and monitor work within an Agile environment.
  • Successfully acquire talented resources and manage their onboarding.

This course can be your first step towards being the Project Manager you aspire to be; practical, effective, competent, and up to date.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and everyone who has an interest in Project Management in the IT sector
  • Developers who aspire to become Project Managers
  • IT PMs who want to upgrade their practical management skills and discover new tools
  • Project Managers who want to convert to IT
  • Students/graduates who want to start a Project Management career in the IT field
  • Freelancers who want to structure their assigned projects
  • Entrepreneurs who want to help their teams apply the Agile methodology

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