Machine Learning : The Subset of Artificial Intelligence

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Machine Learning, What is machine learning ?, How machine learning works, Machine learning methods, Deep learning & more

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You may also have heard machine learning and AI used interchangeably. AI includes machine learning, but machine learning doesn’t fully define AI. Machine learning and AI both have strong engineering components. You find AI and machine learning used in a great many applications today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a huge topic today, and it’s getting bigger all the time thanks to the success of technologies such as Siri. Talking to your smartphone is both fun and helpful to find out things like the location of the best sushi restaurant in town or to discover how to get to the concert hall. As you talk to your smartphone, it learns more about the way you talk and makes fewer mistakes in understanding your requests. The capability of your smartphone to learn and interpret your particular way of speaking is an example of an AI, and part of the technology used to make it happen is machine learning. You likely make limited use of machine learning and AI all over the place today without really thinking about it. For example, the capability to speak to devices and have them actually do what you intend is an example of machine learning at work. Likewise, recommender systems, such as those found on Amazon, help you make purchases based on criteria such as previous product purchases or products that complement a current choice. The use of both AI and machine learning will only increase with time.

In this practice test course, the Machine Learning : The Subset of Artificial Intelligence, you will see – Machine Learning, What is machine learning ?, How machine learning works, Machine learning methods, Reinforcement machine learning, Deep learning and Real-world machine learning use cases. You see the 56 questions 42 minutes (multiple choice questions, 28+28 questions, 21+21 minutes).You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge (answer available of all questions).

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