Learn SQL and prepare for Oracle SQL 1Z0-071 Certification

Short Description

Learn how to use SQL in Oracle database and additionally be prepared for Oracle Certification exam


This course covers completely knowledge needed to pass “Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071” exam.

There is no need to have prior knowledge regarding databases or SQL as in this course we’ll learn everything from scratch, from setting up the needed tools to every needed topic that is necessary to pass your exam. (And even beyond the ones that are recommended by Oracle training).

The course contains even questions that are similar to the ones in the actual exam so you’ll have an idea how they’ll look like while taking the actual exam. And also the best tips on how to pass the exam.

The course has additional resources so you can upgrade your knowledge and make it even more solid after or prior of the exam. Those additional resources encourage you to practice learned skills, as doing is the best way to learn.

By passing through this course, you’ll be educated not only in Oracle database querying but also in other SQL environments like MySQL, Microsoft MS SQL, PostgreSQL and many more, as the Oracle SQL in most of the cases follows the standardized ANSI SQL. But even in the cases where the commands differ, you’ll be able to recognize the logic and the transition to new SQL environment should be a piece of cake.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to pass Oracle SQL Certification 1Z0-071
  • People who want to have knowledge on handling data in relational databases (not restricted only on Oracle DB)
  • Have better chances to land a job as developer, tester, QA…
  • Anyone who wants to step into developer career with the easiest language there is
  • Students who want to learn SQL the easy way

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