Learn Python Scripting – Scripting Masterclass 2021

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This Python Programming – Scripting Masterclass teaches you to use python for automating tasks on any operation system


[2021 Updated]

Welcome to Python Programming A-Z, One single course to start your Python Journey as a Beginner Step-by-Step, This course touches on each and every important concept of Python with its latest version Python 3.7Python 3.8, and Python 3.9.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most important Python Programming Language Features –

  • Basics of Python Programming – Expressions, Variables, and Printing Output
  • Python Operators – Python Assignment Operator, Relational and Logical Operators, Short Circuit Operators
  • Python Conditionals and If Statement
  • Methods – Parameters, Arguments, and Return Values
  • Complete Object Oriented Programming – Class, Objects
  • OOPS – Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Abstract Class.
  • Python Data Structures In-depth – List, Set, Dictionary, and Tuples
  • Conditionals – If Else Statement, Nested If Else
  • Loops – For Loop, While Loop in Python, Break and Continue
  • Mutability – Immutability of Python Basic Types.
  • Builtin And User-Defined Modules
  • Errors And Exception Handling – try, except, else, and finally.
  • Custom Exception – Raising Exception, Creating, and Raising a Custom Exception.
  • Python 3 Cheatsheet

Here are some quick projects what we will explore throughout the course,

  • Face recognition with OpenCV
  • Password Generator with Random Module
  • Data Analysis With Pandas
  • Building Graphical User Interface Application with Tkinter
  • Understanding the basics of Databases and Integrating Desktop Application with SQLite3 Database.
  • Automated Twitter Bot with Tweepy
  • Automated Web Scraper and Mailing System with BeautifulSoup
  • Automated Social Media Post Generation Using API

Overall we work on 10 different Projects With OpenCV, PandasTkinter, Tweepy, Pillow, BeautifulSoup & more. Some projects cover only basics whereas others are in-depth.

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