Learn Python for data analysis with zero experience

Short Description

Suitable for non-IT people without any programming background


If you would like to learn programming, in particular Python, but have no programming experience, then this course is for you. Especially if you have tried to learn Python without success and is feeling frustrated, don’t give up and give it a go!

It is structured in a hands-on and easy-to-grasp manner: Complex concepts are broken into tiny ones and as soon as each tiny concept is introduced, you will apply it in a series of exercises that gently increases in complexity. Therefore, each step is tiny, but gradually you will find yourself climbing the ladder effortlessly and progressing as well as anyone else.

This course focuses on the most essential skills of programming instead of just programming syntax. That is, how to think as a programmer and how to solve problems with code. They include:

  1. How to use commands and expressions.
  2. How to use variables in place of numbers.
  3. How to use variables in calculations.
  4. How to use input values instead of fixed numbers.
  5. How to check if a certain condition is met and react accordingly.

In addition, a data visualization package matplotlib is taught, both to prepare you for a data analysis career and to let you practise the skills mentioned above.

Who this course is for:

  • Non-programmer interested in learning Python, programming and data analysis

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