Learn Product Design and Modelling with Photoshop 3D

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Panorama | Lightning | Camera | 3D object | Material


In this course you will learn about 3D modelling and product designing using Photoshop 3D. Here you will learn to create various kinds of 3D object such as Soda can, Glass bottle, Forest ranger hat and much more. You will learn to simulate various real life conditions on this model or mockup such as Lights, shadows, object movements, rotation, object materials and much more.

Adobe Photoshop is generally an Industry standard software, widely used across multiple domains from Graphics Design, Photo editing, Product Design, Advertising and Marketing, and much more. Photoshop has high reputation among Professionals and students alike. Even people who are not professionally inclined towards Designing and Editing domains, still tend to learn some of the Photoshop skills such as Blending and Masking, Crop and Filters, and other photo editing skills. But rarely any of the beginner in photoshop is aware of 3D modelling and designing options in Photoshop. A large number of people are curious to learn 3D modelling and design while they are already using photoshop for editing photos and designing some posters. Most of them simply quit to learn 3D modelling as they find a very steep learning curve and find it a bit challenging to learn a completely new 3D designing software such as Dimension, Blender and Maya.

But if you are one of such people who already have some hands on experience with Photoshop, you could learn to do some decent amount of work for 3D modelling and Designing in Adobe Photoshop itself.

This course is mainly focused on teaching some basic skills on Photoshop 3D. And you would find it very intuitive if you are already a photoshop user, it won’t be as difficult as you may find any dedicated 3D software such as Blender or Dimension. You can discover your passion for 3D product design and modelling here in photoshop, learn some fundamental concepts about Lightning, Camera, Material, movement and other components related to 3D.

And you could do some decent work for 3D in photoshop itself. And later on, if you want to pursue a full career in 3D or learn it in advanced level, you may move on to some dedicated 3D software such as Blender, Dimension, 3ds max or others. But for now, it would be useful to learn 3D skills in Photoshop so that you may combine your other photoshop skills to create something you would love designing or editing, be it for fun or profession- you can do a lot in Photoshop.

This course will not teach you everything about photoshop, it will be just focused primarily on 3D aspect of designing and editing in Photoshop. And you can use this skill for various domains as you like. Before taking this course, you must be familiar with some photoshop tools and concepts such as layers, blending modes, selection and others.

Must learn: Blender

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